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Saturday, June 25th - Stingaree Down Under (Crystal Beach Texas), 7-10pm 

Saturday, April 30th - Logon Cafe, 8:30pm, $5
Thursday, May 19th - Courville's, 7:00pm, opening for Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros

January 2016 - Happy New Year all! We are playing at the Logon Cafe this Saturday, January 9th. Show starts at 8:30pm...should be big fun - hope to see everyone there!

October 2015 - We will be at the Logon Cafe on Friday, November 6th at 8:30pm. Hope to see you there to kick off the holiday season!

September 2015 - After a great summer, we've got some gigs coming up so we hope to see you out listening to live music this fall. Will and I are opening at Courville's and we have a private party in October.

December 2014 - Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing everybody, Saturday, January 10th, 2015 at the Logon Cafe!!

August 2014 - Hey gang, it has been a while but the band is back playing together and having as much fun as ever. We will be at the newly renovated / updated Logon Cafe THIS SATURDAY, August 16th at 8:30pm. Our first set will be a semi-acoustic set with unplugged versions of some BofD standards as well as some new tunes. Hope to see you there!

Oct 1, 2013 - The government may be shut down, but Katharine & Co isn't! Come hear Russ & Will playing a 2-man acoustic show for First Thursdays at The Mildred THIS THURSDAY, Oct 3 at 6:30pm. Have a glass of wine, a great dinner, and heckle us as we play some Book of Days standards and covers.

ALSO - Catch the entire Book of Days band at the TEXAS RICE FESTIVAL this Saturday, Oct 5th from 4-6pm on the Harvest Stage. Its our first time at this event - should be big fun!!

May 13, 2013 - Book of Days will be joined by the American Honey Horns this Saturday, May 18th on the Main Stage at Beaumont JazzFest. Our show will start at 5:15pm for a 45-minute set! Should be a great time...come check out this great music festival. Learn more here

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4/21/13 - Special thanks to Ivy Pate with CHRISTUS for inviting us to play and Marvin Simon with Deep South Productions for setting sound and stage for us to play before Don Henley last night at the Civic Center in Beaumont, Texas. It was a special night. In case you're wondering....Henley's still got it at age 65.

4/06/13 - Join us at the Logon Cafe tonight at 8:30pm. It's been a while since we played there - we are looking forward to the show!

3/15/13 - ITS OFFICIAL: Book of Days will open for Don Henley on Saturday, April 20th, 2013. It is a benefit for CHRISTUS St Elizabeth Hospital. Tickets are pricey but it should be a great show.

2/19/13 - New CD is finally up, available for purchase by mail or download. Check us out under 'Music Store' tab!

2/02/13 - Happy Birthday to Lenny Caballero, our good friend who helped us with our Jefferson Theater gig in November. Lenny is now.....?? We had a great time playing The Gig on Crockett Street. Thanks to all who came out!

12/30/12 - The Book of Days would like to express its sincere condolences to one of the owners of The Logon Cafe and one of our biggest fans, and a huge supporter of live music in Beaumont, Texas. Gyetha....we will miss you!

11/24/12 - The CD Release was the most fun we've ever had playing music as a band. Thanks to all who made it out! We hope you are enjoying "Life Worth Living". See us live tonight (Sat, Nov 24th at 8:30pm) - we have CDs on sale. They are the perfect stocking stuffers!

10/22/12 - TWLEVE DAYS LEFT until our CD Release concert at the historic Jefferson Theater. Making final plans and tweaking songs to get it just right. Can't wait to see you all there. Tickets available at Civic Center box office (downtown), Guitar & Banjo Studio (Calder Ave / Thomas Rd), and Rao's (Calder Ave only).

10/01/12 - Thanks to all who came out The Gig in downtown Beaumont to hear 3CG and the new Book of Days lineup play some new songs off of our soon to be released "Life Worth Living" CD. Its a great place to play - we look forward to gigging there again soon.

9/07/12 - Some of you may of heard the shocking news that we did this week that our good friend and longtime Book of Days bassist, Terry Bourdier, passed away on September 5th, 2012. He was 66. He was a heck of musician, he could always make us laugh, and was a loyal friend. He will be missed by many, including all of us. Rest in peace, TB.

8/14/12 - The new album is done!! We are so excited about it and cannot wait to share it with our friends and fans. Keep Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 on your calendar - that is our CD Release Event. You will not want to miss it. More to come soon!

6/03/12 - The guys are working on a new recording project! It is our most ambitious yet - stay tuned this summer for updates. 

4/13/12 - Join us next Saturday, April 21st at the Logon Cafe at 8:30pm. We look forward to seeing everybody!

3/22/12 - We had to cancel our gig at Logon this Saturday due to unforeseen circumstances. We hope to see you on Sat, Apri l 21st!

1/29/12 - SAVE THE DATE: Sat, 2/11/12 at the Logon Cafe at 8:30pm. See you there!

11/14/11 - Come see the band at Courville's this Wednesday, Nov 16th at 7:00pm. $20 gets you Big Rich's famous cajun dinner and the show. Remember: you have to call Courville's and reserve tickets at 409-860-9811! See you there!

10/19/11 - Thanks for coming out a couple weeks ago - it was great to see our live music loving friends and compadres. SAVE THE DATE: Wed, Nov 16th @ 7:00pm - Dinner & Show at Courville's! Hope to see you all there.

09/17/11 - Hope everyone had a great summer! We've been playing, laughing and drinking beer every
Wednesday night for a couple weeks so we're chomping at the bit to see our friends and play live somewhere. The first chance to hear us is Saturday, Oct 1st, 8:30pm at Logon. We've got a couple new tunes worked in and some new versions of the classics we play. And if you haven't heard the band since the addition of Bill Brooks on vocals & lead guitar, then...well, you haven't heard the band!

6/18/11 - Book of Days will be at the Logon Cafe this Saturday, June 18th at 8:30. It will be a little more acoustic, original show than usual. Come check us out.

5/04/11 - Save The Date: Saturday, May 21st at 8:30pm at Logon Cafe. Come see us at the venue we know best. Always cold beer, good fun, and great friends.

4/15/11 - Come see us at Courville's next Wednesday, April 20th at 7pm! We've opened for some terrific acts out there (Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros, Fred Eaglesmith, Bruce Robison) but never had our own show. Well, that happens next Wednesday. We hope you can join us!

4/01/11 -  It's been too long. After a great show at the Logon on Jan 8th to kick-off the Ney Year, everyone has been too busy to get together on a date. But...that has changed. We are doing our first full dinner show at Courville's on Wednesday, April 20th at 7:00pm. This should be great fun. Courville's is a terrific venue with great food and really good acoustics. Bring a friend and take a break from cooking that night. See you there!

12/04/10 - What an absolute treat it has been to play the last two nights at BCP's McFaddin Theater in Beaumont.  The acoustics are absolutely amazing.  For musicians like us to have a professional stage, terrific lighting, backdrop, and the acoustics of a true performance theater - it really is a dream come true.  I can certainly say these last two performances have been my most treasured as a singer/musician.  There may be a few tickets available to the public for the last show tonight, Saturday, Dec 4th - hope to see you there!!  Thanks to Jerry McMillan and the BCP team for making it so special.

10/8/10 - Hope to see everybody next Saturday night, October 16th at the Logon Cafe.  We'll start at 8:30pm and go 'til we run out of material or listeners...whichever comes first.  Hope to see you there!  Bill Brooks is still sitting in with us, and Keith is back as well.  Should be a great show.

9/10/10 - WOW, what a great show we had on the 21st of August....all due to a terrific turnout, appreciative crowd of friends and fans, and nice job by the new guy, Zach Bowman, running sound for us.  We just booked a follow-up night there in on Saturday, Oct 16th so we hope to see you again.

8/08/10 - Hope you are having a great summer.  Come see us or another unconventional Book of Days show at the Logon Cafe on Saturday, Aug 21st.  It will be an encore to our lineup in May, with special guest Bill Brooks (of Stone Cold) joining us in Keith's absence.  See you there!

5/03/10 - We will play a special show on Friday, May 14th at the Logon Cafe.  Keith will be travelling (we will miss him) but our good friend Bill Brooks, who has fronted his own band Stone Cold for years, will be our special guest the whole show.  He will bring his strong classic rock and bluesy influence to our Book of Days standards, and we will feature him on some of Stone Cold's classic numbers.  It should be a fun show!

3/30/10 - Come out and see us at the Barking Dog Coffee Lounge at 493 Pearl St. in downtown Beaumont on Saturday, April 10th from 7-9pm.  It should be fun......the boys haven't played together in a while.  See you there!

01/09/10  - Happy New Year!  The band will take a hiatus for a few weeks to work on a some other stuff and personal projects.  Look for us in April - hope to see you all there!

12/17/09 - A last minute announcement: Russ (solo) is opening for Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros TONIGHT (Thu, Dec 17th) at Courville's at 7pm. The Mystiqueros come on at 8pm.

11/19/09 - We hope everybody in our circle has a fun, safe and happy upcoming holiday season.  We will be playing what has become an annual event for us SATURDAY, November 28 at the Logon Cafe at 8:30pm.  It is always a funs show with lots fo folks in town for the holidays.  Come on out for some live music and a cup of good cheer.  Hope to see you there!!!

10/14/09 - Great to see everybody out on Saturday, 9/26 for a fun had been too long.  We put together a quick show for next week on THURSDAY, 10/22 at the Logon Cafe.  We will start about 7:30pm.  Come out and have dinner  - they have good burgers!

08/31/09 - Happy end of summer.  The boys are back and looking forward to playing together this fall.  Unfortunately, all of us are so busy that as it stands right now, there are only two chances to see us: Sat, Sep 26 and Sat, Nov 28, both at the Logon Cafe.  Hope to see you all there!

06/09/09 - Well, if you missed us and Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros last Thursday night at Courville's, you missed something special.  Walt and his band are so damn good - everyone there who had never heard them before left wondering why.  They are a Texas treasure.  It was our treat to play on the same stage with them.  Hope you all have a great summer - maybe we will cross paths.

05/27/09 - What a great time we had last weekend playing to a great crowd of friends and fans.  It had been almost 5 months.....too long!...for a variety of reasons.  Thanks to Jason at the Logon for the sound and all of you who came out.  We get the pleasure of opening for one our favorite bands, Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros (Mq5) at Courville's next Thursday, June 4th at 7pm.  It will be a treat - come hear us and Mq5.  You won't be disappointed.

05/08/09 - Well, we made it all spring without performing as a full band.....barely.  It nearly killed us to not get on stage together, but that will finally come to an end next Saturday, May 16th at 8:30pm at one of our usual spots - The Logon Cafe.  We have written a couple of new ones that we will try out on you as well as our usual mix.  Can't wait - hope to see you there.

04/05/09 - Sorry it has been awhile.  It has been a busy spring for everybody - several conflicts have kept us from playing but we are scheduled to open for Fred Eaglesmith at the NEW Courville's (same place, newly remodeled) on Monday, April 20th at 7pm.  Hope to see you there!  No gig this weekend at the Logon - that has been cancelled.

2/03/09 - Great to see everybody over the Christmas holidays.  If you didn't make it out...sorry we missed you. The Book of Days band is dying to get on stage somewhere soon, but we are having trouble finding a weekend where we are all in town!  We have a couple of dates later this spring and are still working for something soon, soon bear with us.  Hope to see you soon.

12/22/08 - Well, if you missed the show at Courville's last Thursday, you missed a real treat hearing Walt Wilkins and 2/4ths of his band, The Mystiqueros.  He is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter and Marcus Eldridge and Johnny Greenberg on vocals guitars were every bit his equals.  It was a real treat for the Book of Days to open for them and listen to them.  If you missed us, come hear us this Saturday, December 27th, at 8:30pm at the Logon.

11/07/08 - The holidays are coming and you have four chances to see and hear the Book of Days band.  We are playing twice at the Logon - both Saturdays after Thanksgiving & Christmas.  We are also playing a couple of special engagements - "Girls Night Out" at the Civic Center for the Junior League's Main Street Market from 6-8pm on Thursday, December 4th.  We are also opening for Nashville's Walt Wilkins at Courville's at 7pm on Wednesday, December 18th.  Hope to see you there!

9/25/08 - THIS SATURDAY'S SHOW IS ON!  We originally scheduled to play the Logon Cafe on Saturday, Sep 27 at 8:30pm....before the hurricane.  Well, the Logon is back open and we need a little release, as I am sure most of you do as well.  Join us this Saturday at 8:30pm at the Logon Cafe for music, friends, and a something other than eating MREs, pricing whole-house generators online, and cleaning up debris in your yard.

8/20/08 - Hey gang!  Hope everyone had a great summer.  The band is getting back into the swing of things and looking forward to a fun fall of performances.  Our first as a full band will be Saturday, Sep 27th at the Logon Cafe.  In the meantime, check out Russ and Will opening for Dana Cooper at the Logon on Friday, Aug 22nd at 8:00pm....that's this Friday!  Hope to see you there!

5/01/08 - Thanks to all who came out to the Logon last Saturday.  We had a great time as usual and hope you did too!  We play our last show of the season at SUGA's in downtown Beaumont on Saturday, May 31st at 8:30pm.  If you haven't been, it is a great venue and should be a fun night.  The 31st is the Saturday AFTER Memorial Day - the kids should be out of school and summer will be on the way.  We hope you decide to kick it off with us at SUGA's.

4/18/08 - We sure enjoyed the incredible treat of getting to open for a true Texas songwriting (and performing) talent, Bruce Robison.  He and his brother Charlie, who have roots in the area, sure have the Texas music scene surrounded.  Bruce is married to the talented Kelly Willis and Charlie is married to Emily Robison of the Dixie Chicks.  It was an absolute treat to play and hear Bruce at Courville's - I hope we can do it again!

3/09/08 -
WOW! What a crowd we had at Suga's last week.  Even though Russ lost his voice and we had some sound problems, that was quite possibly the best audience we have ever played in front of.  Thanks for making it such a great event.  See you next Friday, March 14th, at the Logon.  We are dedicating all proceeds from the show to Torchy (a great friend of the band and real asset to Beaumont!) to help her get through the loss of her house in a recent fire.  Book of Days is "carrying the Torch"!  See you there.

2/08/08 - Check out the EVENTS tab - our next event is Friday, February 29th, 8pm at Suga's in downtown Beaumont so please make a note of the change and put it on your calendar.  This is a first class music venue in Beaumont.  If you haven't had the chance to check out their upstairs club.  Our March date at the Logon is not confirmed now so if you want to see the Book of Days, you have to make the 2/29 gig at Suga's or risk waiting until April 26th!

1/15/08 - We closed out 2007 with a couple of holiday gigs at the Logon.  Thanks to all who made it out and made it fun.  We are kicking off 2008 at a new venue.  Saturday, Feb 23rd, we will be upstair's at SUGA's.  For those of you who have not been to SUGA's in downtown Beaumont, it is a terriric space - one of the finest live music venues in the region.  And you can get a great dinner before.....make it your Valentine's Day gift!  Check out our spring dates in the "Events" tab of this site.  Hope to see you there!

10/30/07 - The guys all agreed that our show on October 27th was one of the most fun shows we have ever played.  We had a great time.  Our friends, family and the new friends we meet through our music are so great - it wouldn't be nearly as fun without you all.  We enjoyed introducing some new tunes and hope to do the same next week on Saturday, November 24th, back at the Logon for a Thanksgiving weekend show.

9/14/07 - Check the "Events" tab for upcoming dates and times.  We are performing at the LogOn Cafe (Beaumont) the 4th Saturday in Oct, Nov, and Dec.  Look forward to seeing you there.

8/25/07 - Well, we are back in town and playing together again after a summer of travelling, fun, a little work, and some vacation.  No firm dates yet, but check back soon - we are working on some things and should know soon.  Don't give up on us yet!

7/14/07 - Thanks to all those who made it out to hear 2/5 of the Book of Days band (Russ & Will) open for the legendary Dana Cooper last night.  What a treat it was - Dana is a classy guy and a very talented singer, songwriter and guitar player.  You should all pick up his latest CD "Made of Mud".  It has quickly become a favorite of ours.  Thanks to the great crowd and to Dana for letting us share the stage with him.

4/07/07 - What a great CD release we had.  It felt like a record crowd and it sure seemed like you all were enjoying yourselves.  You can bet we were.  What a blast it has been to be in the studio this spring and then get to share it with our friends and fans.  Thanks to Jason Spencer and the LogOn Cafe for helping it be such a success.  Thanks to the great expertise of Danny Broussard at SETEX Records for making the CD happen.  See you all in the fall.  Have a great summer!

3/01/07 - We have a new bass player!!  Terry Bourdier, an accomplished musician, band director, arranger, and performer for four decades, has joined the Book of Days band.  Terry is also a member of the Louisiana Entertainment Hall of Fame.  Come out and hear why we are so excited to have him aboard. 

Previous events


BOOK OF DAYS / Walt Wilkins & MQ5

Courville's, 1744 Rose Lane, Beaumont, Texas 77713

WOW! We get to open for one of our favorite Texas bands, Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros!

Please come out and catch this show - promise you won't be disappointed! For tickets go:



Logon Cafe, 3805 Calder Ave, Beaumont, Texas

Our spring gig at the Logon...can't wait. Hope to see everyone out and enjoying themselves at this great Beaumont live music neighborhood spot!



 —  —

Texas Rice Festival, Main Stage, Winnie, Texas



Texas Rice Festival, Winnie, Texas, US

Full show on outdoor beer garden stage at the Texas Rice Festival - 4:00-6:00pm!! Should be a great time.


Russ Waddill & Will Leonard (Acoustic)

Katharine & Co., 1495 Calder Avenue, Beaumont

Come join Russ & Will for a 2-man acoustic show outside Katharine & Co. for 'First Thursday at The Mildred'


Beaumont Jazz Fest

Downtown Beaumont - Crockett Street

 A weekend of live music, two stages, multiple bands, and Book of Days band with the Honey Horn Section. Should be fun!! Pray for great weather...

Age limit: All ages


Opening for Don Henley (yes....the Don Henley)

Beaumont Civic Center, Beaumont, Texas

 Benefit for CHRISTUS St Elizabeth Hospital. The thrill of a lifetime for a couple members of the band...

Age limit: All ages


Book of Days at the Logon Cafe

Logon Cafe, 3805 Calder Avenue, Beaumont, Texas

 Come join us at one of our oldest and favorite local live music joints in Beaumont! It is always a good time...

$5 cover Age limit: All ages


AHA Heart Ball (Private Event)

Holiday Inn, Walden Road, Beaumont, TX - Texas, United States

This is the Heart Ball for the local American Heart Association - a great cause.

Age limit: All ages


LC Birthday Bash

The Gig, Crockett Street, Beaumont, Texas

Should be a big time celebrating our good friend and CD Release Promoter/Extraordinaire Lenny Caballero's birthday.....30th I think!

Please join us for a great cause at one of the best live music venues around...

Age limit: All ages


Live at the Logon Cafe

LogOn Cafe, 3805 Calder Avenue, Beaumont, Texas, USA

 Our traditional post turkey day bash. Should be fun night of friends, fun, frivolity, and cold beer...or coffee and milkshakes if you prefer.

$5 cover Age limit: All ages


Book of Days & 3CG - CD Release Party of

The Jefferson Theater, 345 Fannin Street, Beaumont, Texas, USA

Tickets NOW ON SALE at:
-Civic Center Box Office, downtown Beaumont (M-F, 9-5)
-Guitar & Banjo Studio, Calder at Thomas Rd (M-S, 10-6)

Doors open at 6:30pm | 3CG on at 7:00pm | Book of Days on at 8:00pm 

This should be the most fun we've ever had playing live. Incredible historic theater, 3CG on the same stage, a few surprises...don't miss it!

$15 (includes CD) / 12 & under free of charge Age limit: All ages


Book of Days & 3CG

The Gig, Crockett Street, Beaumont, Texas

 This should be a ton of fun for both bands, first time playing together at the old Antone's - now The Gig. Its a great live music venue!

Age limit: All ages


Logon Cafe

LogOn Cafe, 3805 Calder Avenue, Beaumont, Texas, USA


$5 cover Age limit: All ages


Logon Cafe

LogOn Cafe, 3805 Calder Avenue, Beaumont, Texas, USA


$5 cover Age limit: All ages


Save the date....possibly really special gig

Age limit: All ages


Special dinner show at Courville's

Courville's, 1744 Rose Lane, Beaumont, Texas

Back by popular demand. This show was a big hit for us and our listeners. It includes dinner by Big Rich Courville and live music on one of the best stages anywhere! It is a Wednesday night show so you are home in bed by 10pm!! If you haven't been to Courville's, it is a terrific venue to listen to live music - come treat yourself.  See you there!!

Age limit: All ages